Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Copy Page URL with a favourite video from your browser address bar;

2. Paste Page URL into the site form (to and press "Get direct link";
3. When your link (link to a file) will be found - press the link "Get direct link" (under the form) the right mouse button and select in the menu "Save link as..."
4. Some of the dailymotion services do not provide you with the real name of the video file.
So, you will need to rename a file before or after saving (for example: video.flv).
Use for example: VLC Player for video playback (.flv and others).
You can download videos in FLV, MP4, WebM, MOV or 3GP (mobile) formats depending on the video provider.

For example, you can download from Dailymotion in MP4 format.
For Dailymotion videos in high quality - available MP4 video file in HD resolution (or Full HD - depends on a videoclip).
Not any videoplayer can play a video file, saved in FLV-format. You will need a special player. For this:
- Choose a video player, allowing to play video in FLV-format.

You can choose any videoplayer from here.
Or you can download and install, for example the free VLC Media Player or the free GOM Player find any other videoplayer.
It depends on how big the Dailymotion video is and depends on the speed of your computer and the speed of your connection.
To change to .flv, find your downloaded file and rename the file extension from .htm (or .part) to .flv extension in the filename (if the file has been saved for example as "videofile.htm" or "videofile.part").
If the file has been saved for example as "videofile.flv.htm" - that it's possible to rename the filename, having cleaned unnecessary .part from the name to receive correct extension in the end of the filename ("videofile.flv").
If there is no extension, then just add .flv in the end of a filename (for example here so: "videofile.flv")..
Probably you will need to enable display of the File Extension if the full name of a file isn't visible to you:
- In Windows in any folder on your hard drive go to "Tools" (preliminary having pressed button Alt for occurrence of the top menu, if it's hidden) > "Folder options" > "View" tab then scroll down to "Hide extensions for known file types" and uncheck that box.
Click "ok" to save changes. Now you should see the file extension which you can rename.
The task of this site - to try to find Direct Link on a videoclip for saving it on your device.
You insert the address of page with a videoclip, and tries to find and detect a Direct Link to a video-file for downloading to your device.
Please, do not forget that the videoclip has a lawful legal owner.
Yes. It's absolutely free.
I can watch the video on the video page - without problems, but your site says, that "Could not find any download links or site not supported". Why?

The Search Algorithm of Direct Links for each site is different. Therefore, the direct link can not be found on some pages where there is videoclip.
More details.
Why sometimes video files are saved without ".flv extension? I need to rename it manually. tries to find and detect Direct Link available to downloading. But a video file is hosted not on our server. I.e. a video file hosted on other server of video-hosting. And so the remote server of a video hosting defines the File Extension independently.
When I try to download a file, downloading is boken and it's necessary to download again. Why?

It depends not on

The video file hosted on other server of video-hosting. Therefore you are downloading video file not from us.

Probably site of video-service (where the videoclip is hosted) is overloaded. Try to download video again later...

Also if the Internet is very slow, stability of downloading isn't guaranteed.
When I download the videoclip, automatically starts playing. How to save videoclip without auto-playing?

Try to save a videoclip through right click and select "Save link as...".
I downloaded a file through this site, but to play it's impossible, why?

If the downloaded videoclip doesn't work, it's possible:

1. For the saved file the extension not ".flv". Try to rename a file to "videofile.flv".

2. Probably the videoplayer, capable to lose to FLV-video is not installed. Try to install other videoplayer.

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